Pacific Edge Issued Patent In Europe For Gastric Cancer

Pacific Edge Issued Patent In Europe For Gastric Cancer

Pacific Edge Limited (the Company) has extended the patent footprint for its stomach cancer technology after it was granted patent protection in Europe for "Detection of Gastric Cancer". Gastric or stomach cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world and Pacific Edge also has patents for its gastric cancer technology in New Zealand, Australia and China.

Pacific Edge Chief Executive Officer David Darling says: "There is an estimated 934,000 new cases of gastric cancer diagnosed globally each year. While the greatest incidences occur in China, Japan and Korea, it is still a major health issue in Europe."

"Investment in intellectual property is an important investment for Pacific Edge as it underpins the commercial capability of the Company's products."

While Pacific Edge would explore commercialisation opportunities for its gastric technology and continue to develop this towards a commercial product, its key focus remains on its Cxbladder products already in the market and the successful launch and further commercial development of the suite of Cxbladder products for detecting and managing bladder cancer.

Pacific Edge was founded to use the latest developments in molecular biology to provide actionable diagnostic and prognostic tests that can contribute to a clinically meaningful difference in detection and management of cancer. "It is the driving force of our research and product development programs. We are now a fully-fledged cancer diagnostics company offering commercial products in New Zealand, Australia and the USA," David Darling says.

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