Our products

Innovative Solutions for the early detection and management of cancer

Our products - Innovative Solutions for the early detection and management of cancer

Pacific Edge’s product benefits are compelling and seek to address a number of important current shortcomings in cancer detection and management, including the need for:

Earlier Detection

Pacific Edge has developed biomarker tests that detect early stage tumours, leading to the improved characterisation, treatment and management of cancer.

Non-Invasive Testing

RNA and protein assays, like those developed by Pacific Edge, are performed on body fluids such as urine or blood and are thus minimally invasive and pain-free.

Rule Out

A significant number of symptomatic and post-treatment surveillance patients do not have cancer. The biomarker test developed by Pacific Edge enable the accurate rule out of patients presenting with symptoms and those being monitored for recurrence, reducing the need for further invasive tests in some cases.

Greater Accuracy and Reliability

Pacific Edge is developing multiple biomarker assays with high sensitivity that are more reliable and objective than many other tests that are currently available.

Actionable Results

Pacific Edge is developing tests that provide actionable results in order to contribute a clinically meaningful difference in cancer treatment.

Global Presence

We provide centralised diagnostic services through our own facilities in NZ and the US, and through licensed international partners.

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Patent Portfolio

Pacific Edge utilises experienced patent attorneys in both NZ and the US to support our intellectual property strategies.