Calendar of events

Calendar of events

Key Corporate Communications Dates 2021

Events and scheduled announcements 
By 29 May Release of financial statements
By end-June Release of the annual report
29 July Annual Shareholders Meeting
26 November Release of interim/ half year financial statements
By 30 June Release of annual report

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Healthcare Professional Exhibitions 2021

2021 schedule TBC  


New Zealand  
19-21 March Acurity Connect 2021 Conference, Wellington
30 April - 1 May National Rural Health Conference, Wairakei
June (TBC) GPCME, Rotorua
August (TBC)
GPCME (South), Christchurch
20-21 October USANZ (NZ Section) Meeting, Auckland


4-6 November USANZ (NSW Section), Woolongong


Southeast Asia  
2021 schedule TBC