Pacific Edge Appoints Dr Tamer Aboushwareb Chief Medical Officer

Pacific Edge Appoints Dr Tamer Aboushwareb Chief Medical Officer

Pacific Edge has promoted its VP of Medical Affairs Dr Tamer Aboushwareb into a new role as Chief Medical Officer. The appointment, which will see Dr Aboushwareb join Pacific Edge’s senior leadership team, is a recognition of the early impact the Medical Affairs Team has had on Pacific Edge’s market engagement in the USA.

The appointment elevates medical and clinical influence into the core of strategic decision making and recognizes the value that a strong clinical focus has on coverage, guidelines and long-term shareholder value.

Pacific Edge Chief Executive Dr Peter Meintjes said: “The Medical Affairs team, established under Tamer’s leadership in June 2022, has taken the opportunity to change the narrative for biomarker utility in bladder cancer detection and patient surveillance.

“The increasing engagement with KOLs, department heads and chairs at leading institutions, or owners and partners at private practices is gaining more mindshare of physicians and clinicians than ever before. This is leading to a perception change of Pacific Edge and Cxbladder, and subsequent behavior change in the management of bladder cancer patients to increasing rely on Cxbladder.”

Dr Aboushwareb said: “Precise, concise, two-way communication between the clinical community based on published evidence and Pacific Edge’s commercial and research and innovation teams is foundational to our commercial success.

“Clinicians, specially those sitting on global guideline committees, can change clinical practice if they understand and are convinced of the clinical utility of Cxbladder and the evidence to support it.

“The Cxbladder evidence generation program must continue to focus on developing the highest quality clinical evidence through rigorous clinical trial design, including utility studies that unequivocally address the unmet clinical needs of the physicians and patients in urologic practice.

“Over the last year the Medical Affairs team have demonstrated these principles in real time. We have seen the results most tangibly in the form of growing US awareness of Cxbladder among KOLs, healthcare providers and payors, and increasing clinician adoption of our tests and a new enthusiasm for them to participate in Cxbladder clinical trials.

“I am delighted to provide the bridge between the clinical community and Pacific Edge and to represent its perspective on the senior leadership team. I am convinced of Cxbladder's potential to accelerate our success globally.”

Dr Aboushwareb joined Pacific Edge in June 2022. He is a graduate of the Ain Shams University Medical School in Cairo. He also holds Master and Doctoral degrees in urology and has held residency, post-doctoral and research roles in Egypt and the US.

He joined Pacific Edge from colorectal, breast and prostate cancer detection company Exact Sciences, where he was a Senior Director of Oncology Clinical Development. Prior to that he was Global Therapy Area Head, Urology, Medical Affairs at the global pharmaceutical company Allergan.

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