Kaiser Permanente to Commence Commercial Use of Second Cxbladder Test

Kaiser Permanente to Commence Commercial Use of Second Cxbladder Test

Pacific Edge Limited is pleased to announce that it has been informed by Kaiser Permanente that it intends to commence the commercial use of a second Cxbladder product, Cxbladder Triage, from the beginning of July 2021.

In June 2020, Kaiser Permanente approved the commercial use of Cxbladder products by its urologists for patients being evaluated and managed for bladder cancer. Kaiser Permanente commenced its commercial use with Cxbladder Monitor for patients being monitored for the recurrence of bladder and urothelial cancer.

Kaiser Permanente has now informed Pacific Edge that it intends to commence the commercial use of  a second Cxbladder product, Cxbladder Triage for patients presenting with haematuria (blood in the urine and a key indicator of bladder cancer).

Kaiser Permanente will start its commercial use of Cxbladder Triage in a single clinic comprising six urologists. This initial clinic is also using Cxbladder Monitor. Kaiser Permanente plans to progressively roll out Cxbladder Triage, alongside Cxbladder Monitor, across their network.  Kaiser Permanente will use Pacific Edge’s Patient In-Home Sample System for Cxbladder Triage, as is currently being done with Cxbladder Monitor, providing a simple and convenient way for both the patient and the physician to manage urine sample collection.

CEO of Pacific Edge, David Darling, said: “We are delighted to continue the growth of our commercial partnership with Kaiser Permanente.  Since reaching commercial agreement with Kaiser Permanente we have focused on working with them to provide their urologists with a great user experience. This requires successfully integrating Cxbladder into their internal electronic medical records systems to ensure that our products and services are easily accessible to their urologists and patients. While Covid-19 continues to impact the speed of the Cxbladder rollout across the Kaiser Permanente network, going forward we expect that their demand for Cxbladder will continue to increase as Covid-19 related restrictions ease and they expand the use of the use of two Cxbladder products.”


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