Pacific Edge to Continue Providing Essential Diagnostic Services

Pacific Edge to Continue Providing Essential Diagnostic Services

Pacific Edge are pleased to confirm that our medical and diagnostic service laboratories in New Zealand and the USA have been identified as Essential Businesses and will be operating during the Government-directed COVID-19 shutdowns. Both labs will run with a full staff of technical and supervisory team members providing Cxbladder analysis services to primary care and secondary care physicians.

The laboratories are controlled access, clean molecular-diagnostic environments and additional safety protocols have been put in place to enhance the operating environment safety for staff providing services in these challenging circumstances. These include two separate operations teams with only one team on site at a time, safe distancing, extra cleaning and sanitisation. Remote working has been enabled for all other employees.

The Company has sufficient laboratory consumables to meet expected demand, with support from its suppliers to ensure ongoing provision of necessary components.

Support for Patients Who May Not Be Able to Reach a Clinic

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, General Practitioners (GPs) in New Zealand have rapidly moved to doing most of their patient consultations by phone, email and video[1]. Pacific Edge are uniquely positioned to support medical practitioners in this challenging time by providing timely evaluation and diagnosis of bladder cancer for their patients in self-isolation at home, with a minimum of face-to-face contact.
CEO of Pacific Edge, David Darling: “For many diseases and illnesses, a timely diagnosis can have a significant impact on health outcomes. In this challenging healthcare environment, remote consultations and the ability for patients to supply Cxbladder test samples from home will all help to take the pressure off the healthcare system, while continuing to provide patients with timely and appropriate care.
“This is a rapidly changing situation. We are closely monitoring our customer's needs, the market and the operating environment and we will continue to keep the market updated on any further developments.”


NZX release: https://www.nzx.com/announcements/350641



1. https://www.rnzcgp.org.nz/RNZCGP/News/College_news/2020/GPs-open-for-business.aspx

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