Pacific Edge Collaborates On Launch Of Patient Community Site

Pacific Edge Collaborates On Launch Of Patient Community Site

Cancer diagnostics company, Pacific Edge Limited (NZX:PEB), is proud to announce the official launch of bladdercancer.me, an online bladder cancer patient community which provides support, tools and information for patients, their families and care-givers. The site’s launch has been timed to coincide with Bladder Cancer Awareness Month in the United States of America.

Bladdercancer.me has been developed by digital health experts, Melon Health, in collaboration with a group of New Zealand and Australian companies, including Pacific Edge. It is unique in the way it helps patients self-manage their journey.

Pacific Edge is proud to be a major supporter of the site, which aims to “provide a place where patients, their families and care-givers can find emotional support, social connections, self-management tools and access to trustworthy resources and information.

Bladder cancer, often referred to as the Cinderella of cancers, is the ninth most prevalent cancer globally and the fifth most common cancer among men. And it’s on the rise, with over 600 people diagnosed in New Zealand every year and 75,000 new cases in the US annually.

Bladder cancer is treatable if it’s detected early, but it has one of the highest recurrence rates of all cancers and requires regular monitoring.

Pacific Edge’s Cxbladder diagnostic technology provides patients with an effective, non-invasive, urine based test that can be used to detect and monitor bladder cancer. With three tests in market and a fourth on the way, Cxbladder significantly outperforms the traditional cytology test and is a step change in how bladder cancer is detected and monitored. 

For more information, please view Melon Health's announcement here.

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