Cxbladder User Program With Kaiser Permanente Southern California Commences Recruitment Of Patients

Cxbladder User Program With Kaiser Permanente Southern California Commences Recruitment Of Patients

Pacific Edge Ltd advises that the User Program Research with Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG) to evaluate  its bladder cancer technology Cxbladder within the clinical settings of Kaiser Permanente’s health care network has commenced recruitment of patients.

Operating in eight states, Kaiser Permanente is one of America’s leading health care providers with a not-for-profit health plan. With their provision of services to 9.5 million people, Kaiser Permanente cares for a population twice the size of all of New Zealand’s district health boards.

The Kaiser Permanente User Program research project is planned to recruit approximately 2000 patients presenting with microscopic and macroscopic hematuria (blood in the urine), from the 3.7 million members of Kaiser Permanente Southern California.

The User Program research will conclude late this year or early 2016 if recruitment meets planned schedules.

Pacific Edge Chief Executive David Darling says User Programs are a key part of the adoption process where customers are able to obtain data and specific experience of the benefits of using the Cxbladder technology in their own clinical settings. 

“Cxbladder Triage is targeted to provide clinicians with a means to identify patients, with a high degree of surety who do not have bladder cancer. It is anticipated that significant advantages will accrue to both the patient and the health care provider from the successful integration of Cxbladder into the  clinical setting. Typically less than 5 per cent of those patients who present to their clinician with microscopic hematuria (non-visible blood in urine of clinical significance) will be diagnosed with bladder cancer and approximately 12 per cent of those patients who present with visible blood in their urine.  At present nearly all patients with hematuria are currently required to have an expensive clinical work-up to identify those requiring further investigation.”

User Program samples collected in Cxbladder’s proprietary urine sampling system will be sent to PEDUSA, the company’s purpose built laboratory in Hershey, Pennsylvania for the laboratory analysis.

Pacific Edge Diagnostic USA, CEO Jackie Walker says “Kaiser Permanente is well regarded in the medical community  for providing the highest standards of health care for its members through development and early adoption of industry leading technology”.

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