Tolmar Australia

As a specialised uro-oncology and men's health organisation, Tolmar Australia provides medicines and support to those with advanced prostate cancer and fertility issues.

Committed to driving improvements, Tolmar works closely with the medical community in supporting progressive approaches to treatment and care and in shaping the future of Uro-oncology and Men's Health in Australia by improving patient outcomes and providing meaningful support to healthcare professionals.

The cooperation with Pacific Edge and the exclusive distribution agreement for the Cxbladder technology in Australia will further strengthen Tolmar’s goal of providing high quality and efficacious support to our customers with improved diagnostic tools for bladder cancer, and with it improved health outcomes for their patients.

Tolmar Australia comprises of a dedicated team of highly-trained people with extensive experience in urology and oncology, motivated and resourced to work directly with the uro-oncology community.



Melon Health

Melon Health is a digital health company improving care and reducing costs with innovative, scalable and cost-effective mobile health solutions.

Their white label population health platform is delivering chronic disease prevention and management programs and interactive care-plans for both chronic and acute conditions (primary and secondary care). Melon utilises a three-pronged approach: engagement, education and activation leading to improved health literacy and self-efficacy.

Melon's reason for being, is to empower people to take ownership of, and manage their health outcomes by providing them with the tools, support, education and information needed.

Pacific Edge understands the critical role that access to information, tools and the mutual support of others plays in proactive health management. We are proud to be the foundation sponsor of, an online community initiative from our partner, Melon Health, where people living with bladder cancer and their families can connect with each other, share experiences and support each other in a safe, secure environment.

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